Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Inclusive entrepreneurship initiatives that aim to ensure that all people, regardless of their personal characteristics and background, have an opportunity to start and run their own businesses especially among groups such as women, immigrants, youth, seniors, the unemployed and people who experience disability.

Digital Education 4 all

Digital education projects for people of all ages and about different programmes and applications to reduce disparities in access to education for eople with fewer resources or at risk of exclusion.

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Reducing the Gap

We encourage the development and implementation of inclusive education projects programmes and practices to ensure equal education opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Protecting our Home

Our objective in this area is to promote training and business projects that promote environmental care by inspiring, informing and enabling people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Rural Development

Our aim is to promote through education an innovative rural world that attracts new generations and enables the development of sustainable and inclusive enterprises.