The Project

Project title: AGRO-R

Project Number: 
Total project duration: 1 year and 6 months
Project leader:
  • Social Enterprises S.L.
Project partners:
  • Rural Bridge  S.L.
  • Balam Portugal, unipessoal, Lda


The objectives are

The aim of the project is AGRO-R to improve employability and promote sustainability in agriculture, focusing specifically on carob cultivation and regenerative agriculture. Aimed at unemployed adults or those at risk of social exclusion, it seeks to train in agricultural entrepreneurship, digitalization and sustainability, and offer mentoring to improve job opportunities. The project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing social inclusion and green transition in rural areas.

Project outputs

The project expects to achieve the following results:

  1. Training Module on Business Development and Entrepreneurship Opportunities: a training module will be developed that will explore business and entrepreneurship opportunities related to carob cultivation and its combination with other productive species. This module will provide participants with practical knowledge and strategies for developing sustainable enterprises in the agricultural sector.
  2. Methodological Manual for the Development of Regenerative Business Models and Carob Cultivation: A detailed manual will be developed to provide practical guidance for those interested in carob cultivation and the creation of a business related to the regenerative economy. This manual will provide tools and strategies for developing sustainable and profitable business models in agriculture.

These results will contribute to improving training and job opportunities for participants, as well as promoting sustainable agricultural practices and crop diversification in rural areas.

During its 18-month lifetime

During the 18 months of the project, the following main activities will be carried out:

  1. Project Management: overall coordination of the project, including planning, execution and monitoring of tasks to achieve the established objectives.
  2. Communication and Dissemination Management: Development and execution of communication strategies to disseminate project results and activities.
  3. Development of the Training Module: Creation of a training module on regenerative agriculture and carob cultivation to improve the employability of participants.
  4. Production of the Podcast: Creation of a podcast highlighting success stories in regenerative agriculture, raising awareness of sustainable practices.
  5. Methodological Manual: Development of a detailed manual for the development of regenerative business models and carob cultivation.

These activities will be implemented in a coordinated manner to achieve the project objectives and generate positive impact on the agricultural sector and the employability of participants.

Funding programme



Start date: 01/04/2024
Completion date: 30/09/2025


60 000,00 EUR



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