The Project

Project title: Valores Europeos

Project Number:

Total project duration: 1 Years and 2 months

Project leader: ASECOOP

Project partners:


The objectives are

  1. Promote the fundamental values and rights of the European Union among trainers working with young migrants, providing a solid understanding of these values.
  2. To provide trainers with innovative gamification tools to make the teaching of values more effective and fun, thus motivating young migrants.
  3. To empower young people in the creation of self-led associations, facilitating their active participation in society, and to provide them with an introduction to the Erasmus+ program to broaden their opportunities.

Project outputs

  1.  Theoretical-practical toolbox of European values
  2. Gamification of the theoretical-practical toolbox.
  3.  Practical manual for the definition and registration of youth associations and introduction to the Erasmus+ program.

During its 14 months lifetime

The organizations Asecop and Social Enterprises, based in Malaga and Cordoba respectively, together with ASIDE, based in Dublin, are dedicated to working with young migrants arriving in Spain and Ireland. They have observed that these young people have little knowledge about the European Union, its values, European cultural heritage and the rights that protect them. This lack of knowledge is not only due to their status as foreigners, but also to the fact that European values are not promoted by the governments of their countries of origin.


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Funding programme



Start date: 01/01/2023
Completion date:01/03/2024


60.000 EUR



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