Preparativos para el proyecto ¡Las finanzas son importantes!

We would like to share with you news about a financial education project that contributes to the realization of our mission: to contribute to the socio-economic inclusion and promotion of education among disadvantaged people or people at risk of exclusion.

The project is called «Finance Matters! (Erasmus+, KA210-ADU – Small Scale Partnerships in the Adult Education Sector).

Together with our partner from Poland, Fundacja Innowacja i Wiedza, we have initiated the preparation of an educational package «Finance Matters!». As the name suggests, the project focuses on the area of financial education. It will enable self-education and training of employees of aid institutions/organizations and NGOs working with this target group. It will equip them with new knowledge and practical skills in managing their own finances and the finances of the people they train.

During the last months of the project, pilot trainings will be carried out to test the materials and the project. Ten participants will take part in each country.

Finally, a report will be produced to summarize and disseminate the results of the project.

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