Formación Piloto del Proyecto las Finanzas son Importantes

You probably already know that we specialize in financial education.

This time we would like to announce that we are launching a project entitled Finance Matters! (Erasmus+, KA210-ADU – Small-scale partnerships in the adult education sector). Together with our partner from Poland, Fundacja Innowacja i Wiedza, we have started the preparation of an educational package. «Finance matters!» in the field of financial education, which will enable self-education and improvement of citizens’ quality of life.

Following the preparation of the educational package, pilot trainings will be organized for 20 participants (approximately 10 participants from 2 countries of the Partnership) and a report will be prepared to summarize and disseminate the project results.

The project will contribute to reducing social exclusion among low-skilled and low-income people by training the staff of aid institutions/organizations to become financial educators.

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